Historic Artist Alley in Oceanside, Cailfornia




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Spaces are approximately 10 x 6 (10 ft wide by 6 ft deep)

As of now, spots will be awarded on a ‘first come, first serve basis’

You are required to bring everything you need to create a pleasing, functional display.


The space does not allow for pop ups (ie 10×10 pop ups) The Alley just doesn’t have the width.

It is a sunny spot typically, so think about bringing an umbrella or smaller canopy, and perhaps a hat!


Staffed to support you as early as 8:30 am


You must have someone with your vehicle to park at either end of Artist
Alley while unloading. Temporary use of adjacent parking lot may be coordinated upon arrival.


Once you are set up, you should park in the City Parking located on Civic Center Drive
located one block north directly across from Artist Alley.


Please clean up your space when you leave. We must be courteous to the artist alley merchants.

Tables & Display Items:

Please bring your own tables, chairs and display items.


10 am to foot traffic


4 pm

We are so excited to make this opportunity available to our LOCAL ARTISTS here in North County San Diego.

It is our Mission to have Artist Alley be a ‘Go To’ location for anyone traveling or living in our beautiful community.

If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, please email ArtistAlleyEllen@gmail.com.

Welcome! We look forward to enjoying and celebrating your Art, Creations, and your wonderful selves!

Namaste’ my friend.
Ellen of Joy